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probably pointless, but

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -6.62
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -5.49

No big surprises there. Although, in thinking about these questions, I fret that my ideal world would be a really, really boring place, because there'd be no assholes to fight an important struggle against.

tzel made kickass dinner. greek chicken skewers with her amazing tatziki (sp?) sauce and special for me she made cannolis. they were good. we watched 13th warrior and the new version of vampire hunter d. bith interesting, and kind of talked through them anyways. alan is in a band now. i am jealous. have to convince lacey to play guitar with me, or teach me or something. the knitting book i got today is fascinating. although, the author mentions capital-G god a few too many times for comfort.

but that's just because i'm way too prejudiced. :-/

lesson for today: apologies are invaluable. no one should forget the power of humility and acknowledgement of others' feelings. i'm glad i'm learning to apologize for the right things, all in all.
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