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please get this thing out of my house

if anyone wants a free copy of neverwinter nights, among my pals, you can have it. for free. take it. i do kind of wish i had read the best buy return policy, which says that you can't return opened software, but i didn't. so, i have this sixty dollar useless thing taking up space in my house. i do kind of believe that best buy sets up their return desk just for show, because they like making people feel bad. so far today i have painted more, had lunch at popeye's with examorata, talked to a property manager, and got some knitting books. oops, the cat's pulling pushpins off the board again. gotta go. at least the day's still gorgeous! and i saw three ford aspires while driving around! i've been listening to 97.1 in the car recently. because i want to feel like the lady in red is dancing with me, or sting is laying me down in fields of gold.
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