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it's... happy morning time!

alarm went off at 7:30. i rolled out of bed and almost directly into the car. there were alot of slow-moving buses between me and Gaithersburg. and one truck with a Calvin sticker - only in this one, he wasn't peeing, he was praying to a cross. i would have been thoroughly amused if someone had had a calvin-peeing-on-the-cross sticker on their truck. and then i would have been offended at their meanness.

the SPCA shift was an easy one; no poo towels, not too much crying. there was a new peachy-pink male fuzzer who was so cute! but i'm strong, and i know i can't take any home. at least they finally gave me the door code so i can actually get in if i'm the first one there!!!

the weather is beautiful and i feel full of possibilities. i'm definately grateful to me for engaging myself in something that gets me out of the house regularly. i'm hopefully going to finish my DDR project today. nicolas is on the porch after i humilited him trying to get the webcam to take a picture. yesterday i bought fat free pudding. what's the world coming to?
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