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well, it's been a long ass day.

up since 4pm yesterday! whee!! when telf and i embarked on shopping earlier, i thought it might be a quick jaunt. oops! heh. we went to columbia mall, and were both kind of entranced by shopping. she got half of what she wanted, and OH so kindly got me a birthday present: ramikins for making french onion soup. YUM! they're all brown, and scream 1976. i also got some tea tree oil junk for trying to make my skin less 13-year-oldy. we sniffed candles and ogled comfy sweaters and had godiva chocolates. we then hit Buddy's in laurel because telf had a raw oyster craving, and i re-affirmed my newfound love of peel and eat shrimp. last time i ate at buddy's, like 2 years ago with C, i freaked out and couldn't pull the legs off. i've come a long way, um, baby.

so, i'm going to fux0r my sleep by finally going to bed soon, but i'll be refreshed for my trip to the SPCA in the morning and then realtor-visiting after that. i'm opting out of Nation tonight. can you guess why??? i'd die driving home. although at this particular moment, i feel like i could keep going. i know it's not true, though.
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