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fun with spray paint

what is it about the home depot that means that every Freaky McTattoo finds me and wants to help me with my project? ok, ok, the first guy was nice and just thought i looked like a friend of his. that or it was a really lame line. the second one was actually probably stoned and he made a big show of asking to go on lunch in front of me and i REALLY thought he was about to follow me out to my car. but! those incidents aside, i got everything i needed to finish my DDR pad modification. so, i was just out on the porch spray painting my boards black, because i'm a huge dork. plus, i haven't spray painted anything in a long time.

also, i take back anything i may have said about my manager; he came back to work nd declared that the guys who skipped the Vacation Summit will have to work christmas and new years' and the rest of us are off the hook. i think one of those guys might leave the company... but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this comes true!!! i shoulda gone to bed 2 hours ago. this keyboard makes my hands hurt. days of our lives should have been YANKED off television LONG ago. i mean, it's a soap, it was always bad, but it's shameful now. it's like that year when Marlena was possessed by the demon, only i can tell it's like that all the time. Drake Hogestyn looks like he has a brain disease. i'll feel really bad if he really does.

Update: I had no idea how fast 2 cans of spray paint go. I'll need 2 more to get good and proper coverage. Dammit.
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