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a labor day without labor.

i dropped in at dharshai's for what i thought would be a quick visit; of course, it wasn't that quick. which turned out to be good! i had a good time socializing, and i had gone into it thinking that i wouldn't, because i was feeling the misanthrope, as if i wouldn't be able to talk to people. i should know myself better than that at this point. when in a social situation, i usually rise to the occasion. nate made some freakin' fabulous ribs, i will not soon forget them. devolutionary brought a friend who i didn't get to talk to much, but who seemed like a cool and interesting person. made plans to see feardotcom later this week, which will hopefully be as deliciously awful and scary as house on haunted hill was. oh oh oh, the best part was that shawn set up the dance dance revolution pads. i suck at it, but it was LOADS of fun. i can't wait to do it again. finished off the evening by having deep, meaningful, uh, chatting in the basement. learned that the remax website is an invaluable resource for looking at rentals. all in all, a good day. i'm forcing myself, through desperation, to stay awake right now... i can't go to sleep this early because it will SCREW my schedule for work. i've had coffee, and it hasn't helped. jack and i watched the man who wasn't there, and i wasn't really that impressed. i am really sweating the schedule change. i really hope it doesn't kill me.
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