keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

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not a cool morning

it's not cool to wake up and hear bad news about the history of the behavior of a person you were already feeling cynical about. let's just say it's not anyone that anyone on here talks to; it's just someone i really didn't want to hear is bad.

i overslept a little; isn't it weird that not only can not-sleeping-enough make you feel bad, but sleeping too much can too.

i'm going to leave the house today. i am not going to sit around and be grumpy at myself. i am going to leave the house today. it will be good and fun and fine.

my cat does cheer me up with his cuteness ever so much.

it's asninine that the law and order marathon contains repeats within the 24 hours!!!! but dammit sam waterston... when did i change my mind about you? sorry mr. moriarty. i've changed my mind.
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