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today's jaunt

went to the renfaire; that's right, the renfaire. didn't really dress it or anything, although i confess to owning a bodice. it's just 2 sizes too small. i tapped lacifer666 and her husband to accompany me, which they seemed glad to do. we met up with tzel at the white hart and proceeded to booze and shop. i know there were a few people hanging out i knew, most of whom i said hello to. i looked for some art books that might assist in giving me tattoo ideas, but found nothing. i bought a happy hippie girl shirt.

jack just said he is ecstatic about the "Jackass" movie. *sigh* it takes all kinds!

anyways, we were there right up until close - and i went to the booth at which a friend i haven't seen in like three years works. the way that we parted ways was that i just never returned an email. i mean, wtf? she was nice to me nonetheless and gave me her email address. i think i'll write. we can at least connect on the level that we both don't do the camarilla anymore and are happy about that. the nice thing was that she looked very happy and glowy. i got some pictures developed btw... and wouldn't you know, there are mostly cat pictures. doh! but yeah, on the way back from the renfaire we had car trouble, and had to go directly home instead of directly out to house of peking choice.

now i just had a conversation with him about how i don't want to tell him i think "Jackass" is stupid. because i mean, who am i to judge? he's not sure how he acts when he thinks something i like is stupid. we're at an impasse. :)

i think that's all the news that is fit to print. tomorrow, the tattoo place.

okay, final analysis, it's okay to think that the thing that the person likes is stupid, as long as it's respectful. as in, "i respect that you like that thing, but i still think that thing stupid."


What fashionable underground band/style are you?

this quiz was made by the sunni bunni bear
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