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i've been an ass lately

for the past few days i've been an ass. i am sorry to anyone i'vebeen an ass to without realizing it. but you know, i've probably talked to all of those people already.

last night i was supposed to wake up and go to the club, and i managed to sleep right through it. sigh. that was somewhat disheartening, but on the other hand, i got rest. as a result, though, i don't think i am in a party mood at all tonight. i just don't think i'd handle it well on so many levels because i suck. so a quiet movie night, then.

i just saw a commercial that was maybe the first commercial i have ever seen that would on its own compel me to buy something without my prior knowledge that the thing involved was something i wanted. it was a shoe commercial, with this angry chicken chasing this guy around. it was funny, and it made the shoes look really awesome. crazy!
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