keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

more facts!

fact: the new cassette smell brings back a flood of memories. madonna's true blue, indeed.

fact: there is an ep. of changing rooms that crosses over the UK C.R. and the new zealand C.R. what i wouldn't give for a cassette full of NZ CR.

fact: someone bought the sam waterston nightie already.

fact: i'm not asleep, and i oughta be.

theory: i haven't learned how to debate properly, and when it's appropriate, yet.

fact: it smells funny in here. thanks for that legacy, mom!

rumor: the joint armed forces issued a directive banning military personnel from attending nation.

rumor: the damned are playing at said club in october. after liking them for 15 years, maybe i oughta go see 'em.
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