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fact: i am surrounded by stupid people who ask me questions they could answer themselves with a click of the mouse.

fact: i am selfish and mean, and prone to sudden bouts of irrational insecurity.

fact: i have no quarters with which to do laundry!

fact: someone is selling a nightie on ebay with a picture of sam waterston as jack mccoy on it.

theory: there is not a balance in me between the consumer and the producer, between the listener and the speaker. to be happy, i'll have to make that balance.

fact: people are yelling at each other as i write about who gets to have christmas eve off. i say THE FUCKING INTERNET TAKES CHRISTMAS EVE OFF. let's not even talk about how ethnocentric this whole "christmas as the tantamount holiday" thing is.

fact: i love the facial brush i got for my birthday. thanks amber. :)
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