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well, what do you know...

i'm not the only pervy hobbit fancier around. hold me. i'm frightened. as i've said before, about a thousand times, if you're ever into something and you look it up on the web, you'll probably realize that someone else is far, far more into whatever it is than you are and you don't have to worry about the depth of your own obsession. all that said, cheers to dedicated fans who provide me with MORE than enough information about my interest-of-the-week to satisfy me.

so the book club went well once again. we had a great turnout, i was really pleased. some liked the book and some didn't, and i thought the discussion was thought-provoking, which is really all i ask of it. i wish i had finished the book but i'm also kind of glad i haven't read the apparently frightening automaton scene. it's kind of strange, but the author doesn't even sell the book on his site. i hope to get around to reading the blood countess soon though. our next book will be the motorcycle diaries. i'm looking forward to it.

once again i'm at work and being disappointed by events here. i plan to write the new boss guy an email about what he told me that seemed kind of false. i really don't like to just gripe about something to my peers and not tell my superiors basically exactly how i feel about it. i also had a brilliant tattoo-related brainstorm on the way in.

remember what it was like when there was napster? sigh.
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