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must. stay. awake.

well, i did end up going out to VA for the party, which was a good idea! a happy birthday to professorbooty and to that other person who doesn't have a LJ. ;) i had a good time, and discovered that i may like bourbon better than scotch now. i also finally found a place to wear the fucking fabulous strappy heels i bought oh, three months ago.

i miss updates from painkiller. i hope you are having a good vacation, sir.

the other wonderful thing about today was going over to tzel's and cooking a huge steak and watching LotR. it was like going home! i felt like i was 20 again and back in ... dammit... i forget the old name of the old apartment complex she used to live in in the 'burg. i mean, apart from the fact that my friend is in mysterious physical pain. that part sucks. she made home fries that she said were overdone but i say they were perfectly done.

i confess. i am a pervy hobbit fancier. i (heart) Sam. apparently Sean Astin left the room halfway through the DVD commentary recording for "The Goonies" and never came back. i don't think that's a compelling enough reason to make me watch it, though.

off to play some angband. tomorrow, summer slam.
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