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back on sleeping track

well, at least sleeping thursday night didn't screw me over that much... i'm back on track to go to work sunday. sweet. last night i got to watch some L&O, spend QT, eat at the diner, and then watch donnie darko with jwiv, bronzemountain, traceracer, and pat. it was very late, and very spontaneous, and very low key. although by 4am there was some religious debate, but i felt i held my own well enough. i smoked way, way too much, alas. i managed after taht to stay up until after 8am, and slept til just a bit ago. excellent.

i did have this extremely elaborate dream about a humongous salad maker. it was this huge vending machine on which you could press buttons and out would pop whatever you wanted, like you could press "iceberg", "romaine", "carrots", or what have you, then you could have it squirt dressing on there and toss it for you and then bag it up. i guess i am HUNGRY eh? well, this pudding cup didn't help. time to call tzel. well i go to the party tonight? go to virginia on a night i have to work? it remains to be seen.
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