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so for the first time in a while i *didn't* go to the club, and it turns out that dharshai and jwiv were there. fie! it was okay, because i was A) very tired and B) busy shopping and kibbutzing with tzel. we headed out to annapolis around 4 (i had had like 3 hours of sleep, but i knew i'd be going back to sleep at night anyways.) we walked around, and i almost bought a froofy goth whore shirt, and i got the 2 other cds by the Pyrates Royale, whose cd I had bought at renfaire last year. yes, i am a huge geek. this is fine with me. we then went to O'Brien's and had seafood and beer. i even ate the little shrimpies whose legs you have to pull off. telf ate raw oysters, which i was not going near. we detachedly ogled beefcake (for therapeutic reasons, you understand) and tried to have positive attitudes. i am happy to report it worked. then when we got back to her place, a pleasant surprise! an old friend was parking just as we were getting out of the car. she had come bearing gifts and we sat and talked for maybe multiple hours. i kept spilling my beer whenever i would mention a certain subject so they took my beer away. then we tried to watch the LotR, which made us both sleepy, so home i went to do just that. (i am currently developing a much more vast respect for the epic than i previously had.) i had to get up this morning to hit the SPCA and feed and clean the kitties. there's a poopworm scare at the SPCA so we can't let any of them out, so that they won't share litterboxes. makes for a not so cheerful bunch of kitties. now, i can't decide whether to take a nap or call bizarrojack, or both or neither. tonight will probably be the Robert Patrick filmfest and tomorrow hopefully um... i have no idea. two potential social engagements, both in the evening. i'm tired, and i just want to sit around and read.
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