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it turns out i don't like korean!

now, i mean, dinner went well. i liked the company. it's just that kimchee or however you spell it is not my bag. i tried everything they brought out though! see, apparently you order stuff, and they bring you a bunch of little plates of stuff you didn't order, and then they bring you the thing you ordered later. you also get a little bowl of pine nut soup at the end. steph got me a giant bank for my birthday just like i always wanted. i will enjoy dropping hundreds of pennies into it at a later date. i'm thinking of having people over to play cards soon.

unfortunately, apart from a pleasant dinner i'm hip-deep in drama; my own, my best friend. at least i cleaned up my living room so it doesn't look like hell. i taped 2 law and orders tonight so that i can have them with my breakfast in the morning. i can always watch law and order and at least think, "hey, at least i wasn't just killed by my [bitter ex-lover/irate neighbor/disgruntled employee/faulty pacemaker/student/family member/local punk kid/friendly neighborhood cop]."

i've been delving back into angband. goodbye, productivity.
Tags: food, her, tv
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