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today is better!

i'm going to talk to maybe one person, other than my cat. woo! actually, steph and i are going to go try out the korean restaurant nearby that tiff recommended. supposedly it's nestled behind the scary 7-11 on rt. 1 near Remington's. not the country gay bar Remington's, the scary dive Remington's. i'm sure we'll talk at length about motorcycles. speaking of which, my co-worker is very willing to coach me, however, he doesn't have anything smaller than a 650cc bike to coach me on. GAH. i've noticed, alarmingly, that lately i have been flirting with biting my nails. i think this means that it's not time to quit smoking yet. i keep looking around my apartment and feeling desolate that i will have to pack it all up in probably a month. what i should be feeling is optimistic about my future roommate, examorata, and our potential new digs, wherever they may be! i have this vision of a third bedroom being turned into a library, but we'll see. if we could, though, that would be... so awesome. a library! hope against hope. of course, anything we can afford with a third bedroom won't even be big enough to house all our books. heh.
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