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when the going gets tough...

the tough go to Chevy's and drink a margarita the size of their head. which is just what i did last night to drown my sorrows. i know i can count on tzel when i'm ready to beat my head against the wall. we then watched some tv while i laid on a heating pad (my back is fucked). later on jack came over and watched fully 5 hours of Law and Order with me. I found a tape amongst my things that I had made in 1993, full of season 2 and 3 L&O. rockin. i managed to stay up all night in preperation for going to work tonight, although if i can't drive because my back is fucked, i won't be able to go. what am i some kind of old lady????? sheesh. i hope even when i AM an old lady i'm not so pathetic as this. now i need a shower so i can try to get around a little. i have a week to read the book club book, too. and i need to get my mind off the big FAILURE sign that's been smacked on my forehead. thank goodness my friends are so supportive. :)
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