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so, i did indeed make it to class in time last night. as it turns out, they made a big point of telling us that you can't get "fashion leathers" to ride in, you have to buy the super-bad bike jackets... which i am not too surprised about at all. i mean, i *could* just stick with my leather jacket when i get a bike, but uh... i won't. it's just making the cost of this endeavor even more prohibitive right now. 200 here, 200 there, i just bought 40 dollar gloves... already spent 100 bucks on the class itself. sigh. let's not even discuss kevlar jeans, which my coworker mentioned. at any rate, the class was i think almost fully half women, which was a huge surprise; many of them were with their boyfriends, many were there because of their boyfriends, but a few were not. i fear there is only one other person in the class with less experience than me, or equivalent, and she hasn't even driven stick before. sigh. i woke up early this morning fraught with terror at the idea of getting on the bike. whee! i'm such a fucking wuss. but i'm going through with it anyways. :) in fact i'm going out to buy a helmet in a minute or two.

after class i stopped at home to change into nationy garb and check email; i came to the horrible realization that i think i have gained about ten pounds in the past month or two. i've been eating alot, and eating alot of comfort food. i normally don't like to complain about this because i feel like i should think i have an acceptably healthy figure and i really don't have any room to complain, so right now i'm going to treat this like i'm just taking note of a trend.

okay, so, went to nation. there was some band playing that i didn't bother to go see. there was a little dancing, alot more just chatting and stuff. it was a night of unusual visits from various people; tzel, judithiscariot, and traceracer were all there, and that made all the difference! that is not said to slight any of the regulars, i just had a good time chatting with each of them, and i don't normally see them out. alan asked for permission to "freak" me and got it. i enjoy dancing dirty with people i trust. trace got a little of the action too. unfortunately i didn't want to make my shin splints from the jog earlier this week any worse so i cut out early.

now to Heyser, Hair Cuttery, and possibly the thrift store.
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