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also... i just woke up from a dream in which i was laid off. i believed it for about 5 minutes. i hope that's not punishment for this whole schedule thing!! speaking of which, i am almost certainly going to have to go back to my ols\d schedule in october, saturday through wednesday, 11-7. FUCK ME. i was so depressed on that schedule. i hate to say it, but it's a recipe for disaster for me: shorter days as it gets colder, and top that off with this fucking schedule thing. sigh. the boss asked me if i'd suddenly need prozac. i just stared at him.

last night cheetahmaster and i went on a fact-finding mission of much importance: to find a place to do karaoke. we went to Oliver's, on main street in laurel. i think his post will speak for itself... however i will add that it apparently matters how much of a regular you are, how often you can get up and sing. i'm almost completely determined to make my first song a pat benatar one. i would like to also note, that laurel has some very colorful locals.

i heard something else on NPR that got me all fired up, (oh hah, pat benatar, you minx), it was a little piece by journalist Richard Rodriguez on the desert religions. i can't find it on their web page though. i'll keep searching. for now, errands!
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