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baseball strike

i had this long post about my feeling on the baseball strike thought out, and i'm having a hard time putting them down. i wanted to do a bunch of research ot back up my position. see, i think it's asinine for preofessional sports players to make as much money as they do. i wanted to look up just *how much* money they were asking for, which i know is for one at least one hundred thousand more dollars a year, base. at least one of the points i wanted to make was that i bet i could find 200 guys who would gladly play baseball for HALF of the RAISE they are asking for. my other point of disgust came when the NPR story mentioned unions. why don't we have unions for people who really need them? like retail workers???

so i wanted to look up the census, and find out what percentage of americans make what baseball players make, and what percentage make below that. i wanted to look up if there are any professional softball teams and how much money the female players make which i am sure would be a shocking comparison. but i got lazy, and then, i had a really interesting conversation with painkiller about it, and he pointed one thing out to me, that made me remember everything is relative, and brought up a few more salient points. so, i appreciate that the managers and owners of the team make staggering amounts of money, and the players are seeing a relatively small amount of it, a paltry amoount in comparison. (that is what he pointed out, btw.) however, it still disgusts me that they make so much money. it simply disgusts me more that the fatcats make that much MORE money.

oh i forgot to say... i wonder where all the money comes from. dann said it was television and advertising, i hope i am not misquoting him. i just wonder, are the fans spending all this money and not supporting the players? hrm.

i apprectiate any and all input from actual baseball fans. or people who know about stuff like this.
Tags: labor, politics, sports
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