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productivity is up today!

i don't know how this happened, but i woke up today with a hard-on for getting my shit straight. i had just had a dream wherein i was called upon to take over the lead role in a high school production of "Fame". i wasn't an understudy or anything, i was just kind of there, and they were like, 'i bet you know the words. GO!' so i went. i remember trying to sing the words, in my dream, and the musical was coming back to me. now, awake, i can't remember it, but in my dream there it was, like the ten years' distance i have from that musical (we did it when i was in high school) were gone. this is quite the coincidence since i was just reading the chapter in "the man who mistook his wife for a hat" where the woman has some frontal lobe problem, and starts hearing songs from her childhood that she didn't otherwise conciously remember. at any rate, in the dream i was like, well, neat, i remember the words, but there is NO possible way to remember the blocking. i even said while on stage, "is it my line?" and the audience started laughing at me. but i soldiered on, getting the hang of it, and my voice came out strongly and clearly like it used to when i was younger. i woke up with the aforementioned inexplicable energy to get things done that i had been putting off.

i really wish i could BOTTLE the way i felt today. it was great. here is some of the stuff i did:

  • cleaned litterbox including taking everything off the floor of the bathroom and vacuuming and swiffering it
  • vacuumed and swiffered kitchen floor
  • went for a jog
  • called my student loan people
  • installed checkbook software on my palm
  • 6 loads of laundry
  • put the orange cover back on my couch (truth be told, i mostly watched jack put the cover on my couch)
  • took out trash

well, okay that doesn't look like much, but it's ALOT in my life. i have been putting off the loan things, and the jogging??? whoah! i never do that. i should also admit that most of my jog was spent walking, but i still felt winded and worked out afterwards. now, i need to do it every day. hell, if i could just feel the way i did today twice a week i would be... let's see... i'd say about 410 times more productive in a year. that's staggering. if this is hat "manic" feels like, please let me have more of it. also, i'd like to say, swiffer is just a sham - it's got nothing on mopping or getting down on your hands and knees and cleaning the floor.

on my jog, i went ahead and canvassed the apartment complex - i never realized how huge it is. i went all over it, hich was nice because it's kind of hilly. i guess if we don't end up there, which is a good chance i suppose, i'll miss it. although i will say that there are lots of creepy redneck types back in the back. i couldn't tell if the gaggle of guys staring at me were being crude or just nice when they said hello, and stared at me alot. other things of note: there is a red sign on one of the buildings that looks approximately like this:

does anyone know what that means???

the medicine i'm on, by the way, is actually living up to one of its side-effects warnings. i read online that this medicine causes a metallic taste in your mouth, and i can't say i have EVER had such a metallic taste in my mouth. even when i was into sucking on pliers. okay, i was never into sucking on pliers. but it's that metallic. BLEAH.

i was having this discussion with jack about how if i could have been a librarian, i'd grow my hair out long and wear it in a bun so that when i wanted to get freaky i could let my hair loose and unbutton the top button of my shirt and tear my glasses off. then i was thinking, how many times is this theme represented in 80s videos and movies? i could think of Adam Ant (goody two shoes), Van Halen (hot for teacher, i think it was in there), and Britney Fox (girls school). but i just know there's more. what are they?

[01:41] Sithelbec: Ever listen to a group called Ivy?
[01:44] SnideGrrl: nope
[01:44] Sithelbec: I like Electronica.
[01:47] SnideGrrl: is that a category of music?
[01:47] SnideGrrl: i swear, you kids today.
[01:47] Sithelbec: hahaha
[01:47] SnideGrrl: i'm going to hit you with my cane.
[01:56] Sithelbec: hee.
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