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tonight's 7-11 episode

So, this time I went to the 7-11 and it only smelled slightly like rancid milk in there. But that's not the point; the point is that when I got to the counter the guy started asking me questions in what I assume was incredibly broken english. After asking him what he said maybe ten times, because he was holding my change or I would have just left, he asked me if my employer had any positions open, at which point I had a thought that is really not nice. Really not nice at all. That thought was, "not for any more non-english speakers than we already have..." I'm bad. I'm really bad.

I can't stop whispering the name Franka Potente to myself. It just sounds so cool and is stuck in my head.

If anyone else tries to have this fight with me about how American Psycho is a funny movie and I should give it a chance, they will not get the nice treatment the last few people have. Please don't provoke me on this subject anymore, friends... I fucking hate the idea, the concept, the plot, of that movie, and that is not going to change. I know with almost one-hundred-percent certainty that if forced to watch the wretched thing I'd be psychologically disturbed and incredibly miserable for no less than a week before I could recover. If you think that movie is funny, please just don't talk to me about it. I'm sure your opinion is just as valid as mine, but it's come up way too many times lately and I haven't had the balls to tell anyone, well, except Jack, how much it upsets me.

The existence of The Man Show upsets me too. Almost as much. And I don't want to discuss that with anyone either. Call me an uptight feminazi all day long. Write me off as a crackpot. Console yourself with the idea that I'm only making myself miserable.

Note: if I *DO* bring it up for some reason, in conversation or what have you, then I guess it's open season; I only bring it up here because it's been on my mind as I find myself watching SNL reruns and seeing way, way, way too many *%&%*$ Man Show commercials.
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