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Today Sucked.

So, Today Sucked. There's not much worth mentioning about it. I went to the Patient First and had to have my third freaking pelvic exam in the same number of months. Everything still looks fine. I know it seems like it's great and nice and fine to get your health checked out, and I think normally I'm one of the most cheerful accepting people about pelvic exams. But I think I'm done for a year, OK? I'm getting pissed off now. No more.

I tried to install Neverwinter Nights. It fucks up. Something with DirectX I imagine. If I can't get it to work by Monday night I'm returning it. I can see the visuals, or I can see the mouse pointer, but never both. And what the fuck is up with 800x600? I didn't spend hundreds of bucks on a 19 inch monitor for 800x600. Does someone want this useless piece of crap? Fuck it, dude. It was supposed to help me relax.

While taking a fitful half hour nap, I had a dream that I went on a date with Reev and forgot my clothes, and was wearing only a sheet. We were driving seperately and instead of meeting him I went to try to get my tarot read. It was storming and the tarot place was closed. I went back to the mall where we were meeting and Jack called me. I told him I'd go out with him when I was done going out with Reev. Then there was alot of hue and cry about the fact that I was wearing a sheet. Lord knows where this stuff comes from.

There was some other angry stuff I wanted to say but fuck it.
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