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if i had something to say about the past few days, that would be it.

last night we went to flanagan's and met up with cheetahmaster. there was of course, a random guitar guy singing folk songs. i asked him to play something by stan rogers, and he didn't know who stan rogers was. sigh. he asked me if i wanted to hear some ian and sylvia, and i said sure. he also introduced himself to me and then proceeded to play another song for me as well. i couldn't tell if he was just being nice or what.

we didn't go out to nation, we just didn't feel like it.

back on wednesday, i went to have a mutual birthday appreciation dinner at the melting pot with alrya, malkin, msteleute, and jenrandom. i still lurve the fondue, even if it is a pricey meal. the thing is, we were there for like 3 hours! i mean really.

i have to work tonight... if i don't sleep soon all social events will be negated.

oh yeah, i watched the wicker man last night. i liked it. put me on the "liked the wicker man" list. let's see... had lunch with examorata yesterday at the columbia wendy's... notices that it still had the Sears catalog countertop, AND the tables get bussed. frickin' bizarre. today had lunch with dharshai at ambrosia. this morning i went out to the SPCA to volunteer. cats still adorable. none of them got mean with me, either. apparently there have been some casualties there, though, a grey tabby named Marvin Gaye had to be put down. RIP, Marvin Gaye.

oh yes, i am also looking for a house to rent. it would be kind of neat to live right near main street laurel, i think.

dude, there's so much beer left over from the party. i feel like i oughta do something about that. i still haven't finished "the man who mistook his wife for a hat". it's very good though. just... i have been really wanting to read some cheesy fantasy all of a sudden. i lined up mercedes lackey to be read next, in tandem with the book club book.
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