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today was day two, big surprise, where my AC didn't work as promised. i had no idea how much i'd come apart in the heat. i called maintenance and left depending on generous hospitality for a cool place to sleep. i thought the AC would work and in fact fell into a coma fully clothed thinking i'd wake up n a cool apartment. instead i woke up 3 hours later drenched in sweat. not nice, not nice at all.

my boss is in a total crap mood for some reason and is yelling at people. he must have been yelled at. shit rolls downhill... i heard a rumor that his boss, the one i get along with, is getting moved. sigh. i love working alone with someone who has their panties in a bunch.

and i am not feeling well. i think i might have to the doctor *again*. i really hope my regular doc is off of maternity leave.