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such a little thing

Meaningless drivel!

Today I felt like Martha Plimpton in 200 cigarettes. I wanted to have everyone over for cards but people didn't show up, although, a few specifically cool people did, so we played canasta and Steph kicked our asses. I had intended to make some spaghetti sauce from scratch, but I fell asleep too late and therefore woke up too late. I thought for sure that the scotch for breakfast would put me right out, but it didn't work its magic fast enough. Damn, it's cold outside, and yet I still feel like having a cigarette. Lame! During cards I also was a total clutz and spilled water on everything. I looked like a dumbass.

Oh my... Neil Finn is doing a webcast TONIGHT!!!!! I need to go check if I will be able to watch it. SWEET!!!!
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