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I found the Kiersey sorter, and confirmed that indeed I haven't moved off the mark in the past few years; I'm still an INFJ. In high school I was decidedly an INTP, and after my nervous breakdown my freshman year in college, I swung completely around to the other end of the F-T spectrum. I went looking for a free version of the test to link, but I can't find a good one. I didn't pay for this, I just retook the test and from what teasers they gave me, I could tell I had the same result... although it would be NICE to know exactly by what percent I fell on which side of each category.

  • value personal integrity and "being true to yourself"
  • are on a lifelong search for a unique identity and meaning; spirituality is important to us
  • can be hard to get to know, depending on the other person (reciprocity)
  • are sometimes seen by others as cold and hard on the outside
  • can be difficult to "peg"; sometimes INFJs may not even recognise fellow members of their own type
  • may find it easier to express their deepest feelings and sentiments non-verbally or in writing
  • abhor evil or injustice, especially that directed towards the innocent or helpless
  • are sometimes looked upon by others as naive, mostly due to our idealism
  • can be quite gullible; many INFJs build up a protective armour over the years to protect against this and being "used" by others
  • enjoy thoughtful discussion but dislike arguing for argument's sake, as this often degenerates into ugly conflict
  • are bookworms, love bookstores and libraries
  • are affiliative; get stressed and cannot survive for extended periods without company
  • rarely get into conflict, but when it erupts, can be very bitter
  • aren't terribly career-minded
  • love personality tests and other self-improvement tools
  • love quotes/quotations and are often "philosophers" or "theologists" ;)
  • need to confide in others and express opinions and feelings about others: Fe-ing (Feeling extraverted)
  • are "Directors" who give advice, though usually more subtly than most other Directors.
  • are interested in ESP, paranormal, "new age," or psychic experiences
  • "Mute withdrawal is a major INFJ defense."
  • often have "oceanic" memories where details are recalled through intuitive leaps and thought association
Tags: psychology
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