keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

oh yeah

i meant to mention that i recently became slightly obsessed with getting back out of the technical field, but i can't tell if i am more obsessed with that or with getting off this overnight shift. i can say that it is killing my soul. i know this. i also know that there is no visible hope of being released from it. i also know it would be intensely difficult to find another job with my skill set and no certifications. i had a dream that i found another job and got off the overnight shift, and i woke up so elated... but really, it's not going to happen... not for a while. unless i want to take a massive pay cut. but this brings to mind the realization that... maybe this isn't what i want to be doing, ultiamtely. i was looking at the UMD and JHU employment websites... there were some psych related lab jobs in there that only require a bachelor's degree. i actually lulled myself to sleep later that day imagining doing something I feel passionate about, and getting paid for it. not to mention, working for a university... i could take classes... oh, it's only doing me damage to think about this. sigh.
Tags: career
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