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no energy to write

last night went to brickskeller. very good. happy to see everyone. prior to that got NONE of what i wanted done... besides getting motorcycle learner's. obnoxious child poking me in head at MVA saying:
the mother was at least trying to stop him. i was there for three freaking hours but fortunately, i got to see a friend from my old job take his motorcycle driving test, so i now have an idea of what that will be like. which is to say, difficult. i missed out on fire in the sky because ofthis, but these things happen. :(

quote of the night from birckskeller last night:
"it's not like i actually want to smear feces on children."

there was another one i don't remember.
had a nice long talk with jack last night after we got home. it's nice that nothing is held back and i never have to wonder what he really meant by anything. i suppose that could backfire, but at this point i kind of doubt it.

i really want to go back to sleep for an hour, and i can't/ *cry*
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