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once i start this i won't be able to finish

License Plate of the Day: A Jetta: "VWATURE"
(Note: the French word for car is voiture.)

You know how I was complaining about being a failure the other day? Well tonight (of course, on my birthday) there was a major major outage the likes of which we don't see too often, and I was the only one here. The first 2 hours of my shift *literally* felt like 8. When the department manager came in at 3AM, I thought to myself that that made sense because surely it was 6AM by now. Anyways, the night goes on and I keep apologizing for whatever it is I must have done wrong, and finally he comes over to where I'm sitting all frazzled and loopy and tells me how excellent a job I do. How my judgement is always right and a few other things.

It doesn't make me feel like any less of a technical failure, but it helps assuage the pain of things not getting fixed expeditiously. Is that even a word?

Saw Goldmember at the cheapo theater. Gratified to know I recognized Matthew Sweet. Unimpressed with the movie as a whole. Cheapo theater made more creepy by the presence of the Popcorn-Guy-With-No-Fingers and the "Hey. You have the brightest hair I've ever seen." "Uh, Thanks" "I've never seen hair that bright." *STARE* guy. Overall the only advantages to the cheapo theater is that it's close and the two times I've been there have been maybe two other people in the movie.

- pay Ebay person
- borrow cooler from examorata
- make party mix cd
- go to MVA and get motorcycle learner's permit
- go to bank and get money order and then pay rent with it
- finish going through mail and contacting people who sent it to me
- make copy of key for geniealisa
- clean my room including fresh sheets on bed
- write two long emails to two friends
- money for nigel griggs cd
- party shopping: beer and snacks
- help clean up party site (before AND after)
- go to brickskeller
- drop by craft night
- talk to examorata re housing
- SPCA??
- compile Baby Shower Details
- attend Baby Shower
- laundry
- check tiff's cat
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