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weird thing that happened today:

i looked out on my porch to find a package. my porch is 1.5 flights up. the mailman threw my package onto my porch. he did not leave a note that there was a package on my porch. i have no idea how long it was out there. that's fucked up, dude. of course, i didn't have to go all the way to the post office to pick it up, either.

i went to old navy and bought 2 more pairs of the same pants, because i like them that much. crazy! my mom is upset that she can't take me out for my birthday. i will admit, it is hard to do that from 250 miles away. but i told her, it's ok!!!

i'm about to leave to go do something most people i know would *really* think was crazy. but jack is the sweetest for being cool about it, and i bet it won't even be a big deal at all. :D
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