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last night i watched sling blade; sorry todd, i actually really liked it. combine crazy killer with heartwarming optimism, and you get a movie i enjoy.

this morning i went down to the SPCA to volunteer; i realized that the old guy that works with us (he's the only man i have seen volunteering there) creeps me out, and for no good reason whatsoever. :( i hate being prejudiced. i came back with a souvenir today, unfortunately; one of the long haired kitties looked direly in need of a brushing. she didn't want one. i bear the scars.

i forgot to mention yesterday that i had brunch with reev in the morning. i think arlington brunch AND maryland brunch could become a regular staple, which is excellent.

i've been very pensive lately about relationships (wait, i'm always like that) but i haven't been posting any of it because i'm sick of letting myself belabor points and overanalyze things. i hope that's the right thing to do. i'm starting to get ticked that i can't find an apartment shopper guide. i'm also starting to get nervous about the party. it'll ramp up all this week until i'm so worried about whether everyone has a good time that i'm beside myself, and then i'll get trashed and not remember whether anyone did. heh.
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