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up too early

i remembered something this morning that is probably totally obvious to everyone else in the world: "i want you to be happy" is totally different than "i want to make you happy".

i forgot to mention the other day the Stupid Vendor Phrase of the Month: "drill down". when i hear it i just imagine slamming the guy's hand down on the desk and drilling through it.

this morning on the radio they were discussing old people you want to do. i'm totally questionable on their definition of old, but i had a few suggestions i wished i could have called in. like leonard cohen (i think you can safely call him old) and of course harrison ford; susan sarandon, and, well, leonard nimoy. i'm not mentioning the monkees because that goes without saying. well, i'd go for peter and mike, anyways. but aren't they middle aged?

let's call it people at least 25 years older than you. who'd you do?
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