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this morning i had some more excellent chocolate chip pancakes at the SD this time. it's always nice to see people right after i get off shift, it's relaxing and i don't have to go straight to bed from driving and working. hopefully this will become a regular thing.

of course, i had to go right home even though i wanted to keep chatting and go straight to bed, with some unisom, because i had to be up for dinner with cheetahmaster. we ended up getting tasty afghan fare with a host of people from my old job. i was very glad. i gave S the washington social club cd, i think she will really like them.

then i came to work and made a stink about how they can't give me all the administrative bullshit just because i'm the girl, or the new person. i mean, i'm not new anymore, i've been here over a year, ok?
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