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so for some reason, pink is not significant at [my place of employment], a black streak is not very noticed, bleached out nastiness gets a subtle raised eyebrow, but MY GOD. THAT PURPLE. WHAT DID YOU DO???? it's kind of funny to me that i got so much attention on my way out this morning. fortunately, it hasn't become the kind of issue where i have to cover it up.

this morning i forced myself to almost finish sorting through my mail nastiness. i'm almost done filing absolutely everything. i did this while watching emergency vets. (yes, i didn't cancel cable yet...) how is it that a show can bring me to choking sobs in seconds? don't answer that.

last night i was all upset that i wasn't invited to something. today i woke up and i realized that i shouldn't push it and i should be accepting of that and understanding of it, and in fact it's pretty rude and selfish of me to think that i should be invited. i am glad i have come to this realization.

in other news, telf is getting some well deserved luck with this new beau. it's about damn time! i stopped by there to say hi on the way to work and we kibbutzed. we have lots of party ideas and no time to have them.
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