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i don't want to write a whole post. wah.

last night i did go see neil finn, all by myself, which was really bestest. i followed it up by going to nation. prior to that i dyed my hair. it's purple. reaeeeally purple. it occurs to me just at this very moment that i didn't say hi to julie last night. please tell her i didn't mean to be rude.

i am still sick, i'm just not letting it stop me. like people in dayquil ads.

1. neil opened with "When You Come". how could the show have possibly gone uphill from there??? but it DID.
2. some fathead blocked my view half the time.
3. "hi" really isn't enough to say to hit on someone.
4. there was one of those fans standing at the back not watching the show but talking to other people about other shows she had seen. those fans are such huge turnoffs for me ever since the whole monkees era of my life.
5. it's been almost exactly a decade since last time i saw neil finn in person.
6. happy birthday michelle! i'm sorry you didn't make it to the amphora.
7. oh yeah, the neil show was the first time in a while where i felt like the youngest person at a show.
8. i'm putting this on here because i hear no one else will: it was amusing when chris morgan threw his keys down in the parking lot as a joke. it was less amusing when he couldn't find them afterward!
9. dave and i had a whole conversation about being able to lick your own nipples. AGH.
10. people don't get that i want to dance with someone sometimes. god, che, i miss you so much, where are you, i need to dance with someone.
11. they played "love will tear us apart" and all i could think of was the scene from that "series 7" movie. i started cracking up on the dance floor but no one else understood!

i'll post more later of last night as i remember it, but before i go i had another fucked up dream: i dreamt that traceracer and i were on this survival TV show only it was an occult survival TV show and the little tasks you had to do were weird little occult rituals and ghost summonings and stuff like that. it was all very scary but everyone was trying to pull together to save each other from the ghosts and zombies. at the end of the show the host was giving this speech where he was saying, "well, this show goes to prove that people don't need food and water like the experts say" and the camera panned around and all the contestants looked like corpses.

off to norfolk!!!!!!!!!
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