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i woke up sick. as expected. what the fuck is up with my immune system.

i watched michael moore's movie about his book tour on tv this morning. i want to be him when i grow up.

i dreamed everyone went to some monkees concert and sat out on the grass. i can't remember if everyone had a good time or if everyone was pissed at me for leaving them to try to get near the front.

i wanted to go to craft night tonight, really badly, because i feel down, but i don't want to spread any germs. sigh. maybe there will be 5 law and orders on again tonight. i'd have to have been watching starting at 7 though. Update: Only three. I will have to do something else from 9pm to 11pm.

Also: I made Jiffy pop today. God I love that silver dome.
Tags: dream, health, movies
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