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another lazy numbered list

1. i watched FIVE episodes of Law & Order tonight. well, 4.5. i halfway watched the 8pm episode but interspersed it with the biography on the manson family. which didn't tell me anything i didn't already know.

2. the exit to 66 east from 495 is closed in the middle of the night now for construction. damned inconvenient.

3. can someone please, please tell me where you can get a mocha after 11pm between laurel and arlington.

4. i am an extremely pissy bitch right now for no reason and if i had not had to come into work tonight, which, i would have called in sick were it not for the fact that i know it's the busiest night of the week, i would have stayed home and taken the medicine.

The Medicine:

5. i just told my boss i'm calling in sick tomorrow.

6. let me see if anyone else has responded to the evite... yay! there are a few. no whiny commentary necessary.
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