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i just had this dream...

i'm trying to think if i can remember it properly, it's already fading... i was going to this poetry reading... i ran into donna caskey there. we had not seen each other in, i don't know, 7 years. she was hesitant to give me her email adress for some reason. april j. was also there; i wanted to sit by them, but ended up mainly holding their place. dale was there, and tried to talk to me; he made a comment about how he was surprised to see me back at virginia tech, especially for someone who hated it so thoroughly. i stood up from talking to him and shot him the worst look of hatred i could muster. chris was also there and said something odious to me, but i can't remember what it was, and i remember somehow it not bothering me so much. actually who knows, i might be confiused at this point, but it seemed like c. was acting out the behavior of d. and vice versa. i don't think i ever got to see the actualy poetry reading.
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