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good morning... let's see. the two memorable quotes from the spanish kids trying to buy beer in the 7-11 were,

"isn't this a free country?"
Me: "you can't buy beer in VA after midnight."
Him: "What if you're not from Virginia?"

yesterday i had gyros at ambrosia, which i have been hearing about for a long time. they were good but the waiter was inattentive. well, in that i needed more cucumber sauce and i needed it RIGHT THEN.

this hasn't erased my sudden obsession with 2 foods: the ham and cheese sandwich and the chocolate chip pancakes. i won't go on about it because it is really tedious to anyone but me, and when i read this later, i will know exactly what i'm talking about.

Heaven on thursday turned out to be ehn because of the pain I was in. I was apparently dehydrated.

Blank Blankness.
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