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fastest post!

woke up early, went to chevy's with telf and michelle. we talked about sex and religion. i got my haircut and i fuckin hate it. my tummy aches. i am going to ritual now. i got to go onto irc. i want to remember to tell the story of the little spanish guys in the 7-11 after midnight in virginia.

free will astrology's take on my week:

Joshua trees, native to the Mojave Desert, are both hardy and delicate. While they may live as long as ten centuries, their flowers blossom just one night each year and can only be pollinated by the Yucca moth. At this moment, Leo, you remind me of a Joshua tree. Very soon, there will be a brief window of opportunity for you to be psychically fertilized, and you will need a specific agent to do the job. If all conditions are right, a blessed awakening will occur. Even if the beauty that sprouts is visible for just a short time, its effects will last for years.
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