keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

trippity trap - subject lines are useless

1. i get foolishly overly upset about things that aren't a big deal.

2. my boss is at the least cool in that he lets me go home early when i say i am not feeling well.

3. no one understands the dave matthews band video but me and geniealisa. and apparently, well, dave matthews.

4. i accidentally almost drove to baltimore this morning. this is what i get for taking the back way. it was pretty though.

5. tonight i will be at Heaven. you should go. i will also be at ritual. that should be good. other than that, i need to send lee directions to heaven, buy something to take to ritual, and possibly do a load of cold water laundry.

6. royal tenenbaums. i need to buy it. as well as bottle rocket.
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