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post-appointment notes

1. there was this person on the road today with an earth day license plate that said "HOV1". they happened to be the only occupant of the car.

2. a little girl was in the waiting room with her mother when i sat down to wait. she was playing rambunctiously and driving us all nuts. a few minutes later a little boy came in and sat down with his mother; she stopped playing and simply stared at him, rapt, the rest of the time. it was eerie.

3. i met some guy on napster a year and a half ago. yeah, i know, weird, that i met someone on napster, weirder that they were decent to speak to. anyways, i was downloading his stuff. we talked. probably haven't spoken in a year and he IM'ed me today. freaky! if you're reading this, i hope you're not a freaky stalker! but it doesn't seem that way, so, hello again.

4. i got this super weird feeling of seeing myself from way, way, up in the sky while i was walking into the safeway today. like i was an ant. insignificant. it was kind of neat.

5. i don't have fibroid tumors. woohoo! mom had them by now. maybe this means the gene will skip me.
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