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i realized today that i create the most useless subject lines for my posts. i think i'll just make them egregiously useless from now on! ha!

tonight was killer. there were so many maintenances. we didn't see it coming. and to start the night off, the director had stayed late especially to meet with all of us and "take the temperature" of the group. (my phrase, not his.) i could tell, sitting down, that the upshot of this little gab session was going to be some mild scolding for a job poorly done; of course, he couldn't have started with the bad news and moved on, he had to start with the probing, supposedly innocent questions. "So, how do you guys feel about blah-de-blah process?" where OBVIOUSLY that process is flawed and OBVIOUSLY we're going to be taken to task for it. the scolding was milder than i had thought it would be, but it just put everyone on the defensive and made us less likely to be productive. that said, i really like the director. it was when my direct report basically lied and embellished to the director's face that i knew who the bad guy was here.

the only highlight to tonight's maintenanace extravaganza... actually no there were two highlights. i was ableto chat a little with pete, who i don't know all that well but is a cool guy and just started overnights elsewhere. that was thing one. thing two was that i got to work a bunch with this one VPN guy over the phone. and i adore his voice. he has this sensitive-guy baritone monotone that for some reason i find totally awesome. add that to the fact that he's really, really nice about helping and you have a winning phone-working relationship. the non-highlight to tonight's work was that i couldn't use my SunRay remote workstation thingy for some reason, and apparently there's no one to page about it. turned out to be kind of a blessing in disguise, really, because i ran as much as i could from the NT machine and it just made my life a while helluva lot simpler.

i meant to mention as well that i am currently reading Stephen Fry's autobiography, Moab is My Washpot. it is, as one might expect, so... very... british. so for all you anglophiles out there, run right out and get this book. if the title itself is inscrutable and unnattractive to you, maybe skip this one. i might be quoting from it soon. in fact, every time i pick it up, i think, "this is an awesome paragraph!!! i couldn't ever think of anyone saying this better!!! i'm going to run right now and post this to livejournal!!!" but, and i'm sure you are grateful for this, people who read my journal, i haven't done so... yet.

today i gotta go for a follow up appointment with the doc to make sure things are cool. i think they are. bleh.
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