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laying around thinking yields

so i was just awakened by, i don't know what, and was laying there thinking about what it would be like to clean my cat. in the traditional cat way, you know? and as i was thinking about how gross that is, i started to think, is it really that gross? i then went into a long sidethought about how maybe it would work if you had little disposable tongue condoms, but thought that the payoff for your cat would not be worth the effort nor the humiliation you'd endure if your friends ever found out. but anyways, that led to thinking about cat mouths being dirty, which led to thinking that human mouths aren't any different. i mean, please. god put it there to trap things and send them to the acid pit. (or if you don't like the god idea, formulate that sentence however you want to.) imagine eating a housefly. you mouth is designed to take things in willy-nilly and hope that they give you fuel. i do wonder, of course, if you sat around eating houseflies, if it would ever do you any harm at all. and if it doesn't... where did we come up with the idea that it's bad? when did bugs being ooky become a social concept? right, but, as i was saying. the things we eat are so cleansed. and no, i'm NOT saying that this is a bad thing. it is just where my mind went from, "i bet my cat wishes someone would clean him from time to time as a gesture of affection."

as a note, i did not and am not going to lick my cat. nor eat a housefly.

this morning i had breakfast with traceracer, dragonballzzz, koira, and dharshai. it was a terrific impromptu gathering! i hope we do it again. although i'm not so hot on the bob evans, i must confess. also, this means i woke up after only 5 hours of sleep. what the? i'd better go back to bed. especially if all i can come up with on waking is stuff about eating dirt. i don't think i was that great a conversationalist at breakfast, either. heh.

p.s. i had this really weird dream about being hired back at the last place i worked. it was a good dream except for where i had to cowtow to people who obviously don't like me and were going to take advantage of me. however, it was kind of sad because there was a feeling of happiness about the dream, like in the dream i was happy that i was going back and would be woring with some other people i liked - i was hired for a non-customer service job in the dream which in reality would never happen - and when i woke up, i realized the happiness i was feeling wasn't real.
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