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today i slept. like the dead. first i fell asleep on the couch while actually playing with the cat. woke up about three hours later. stumbled into bed. slept for another six hours. it was grand. i remember no dreams from today; it was plain, vanilla sleep. i wish i could be doing more of it right now. i'm not sure that's necessarily a good sign. i did six loads of laundry. i made kraft macaroni and cheese. the powdery kind, of course. i talked to telf. her date went well. i am SO happy for her. right now i am going to go write an email that i needed to write for the past 2 weeks. i'm going to stop writhing in anxiety, and write it. did i mention i don't have to work any saturdays this month? yay. i will see neil finn in a little over a week. i'll probably go to heaven this week.

see how excited i am?

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