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hopefully the last for tonight.

saturday was lazy day. there was lying about. there was purse buying at ranger surplus. i apologize in advance to dharshai; i bought the same one she has. but mine is green! it's different! no one will ever know! anyways, we celebrated purse buying with kabobs at Moby Dick in bethesda. i think i liked them better than everyone else did. :-/ after kabobs we all decided to truck directly over to examorata's for the laurel fireworks display so that we didn't fall asleep.

can i interject how currently ticked off i am at this guy who won't open a ticket on this circuit? i'm really currently ticked. i open my ticket, and you open yours buddy, none of this "open the ticket for me and send it to my queue". fuck off. christ.

anyways, we had a cozy little group to watch the laurel fireworks, which were pretty damn good, i think. we then had ice cream cones and fabulous red velvet cake. it was, in fact, a terrific cake week, as pat and rachel had brought an amazingly awesome cake to the 4th cookout, although they left before i had a chance to compliment the work of the chef. post-fireworks (ah, i remember watching them in almost the same place with telf last year... i also remember having to go to work right after. at least that's not the way the story goes this year!) jack and i headed out to a party at the house of someone we used to work with at intermedia. i use the phrase "used to work with" rather liberally here, as i think i saw the man for a total of 45 actual minutes when i worked there. i had a good time. i think the only people i actually met per se was this guy named glenn, who seemed kind of disinterested in talking to me after he saw me being cozy, and a gentleman named david who as i described it looked like "money". i recognize his name from the staph list but generally that gives me a BAD impression of people. this guy seemed nice. other than that, i stuck to chatting with people i know. jack did the knife trick, which i inadvertently helped with the hype of by running out of the room in horror because i couldn't watch. but i wasn't acting! i've long been freaky around knives. dale used to have those ridiculous decorative knives that are actually so sharp they could cut your finger off without you noticing, which he almost did. i always had to leave the room when he got those out... and he wasn't even sticking them in any orifices.

fucking guy! fucking do your job! stop giving me a ration of poo!!!!! circuit = your job! christ!!!

sorry. moving on... the other highlight of saturday was that i got the cd in the mail from painkiller. i'm gonna pop that in the player in a minute and get started listening. while i've heard of some/most of the bands on here, i think all of the songs are new to my ears. excellent! i hope that he sees this and suggests a theme for a cd i can make and send back to him. ;)

so, got back from the saturday party incredibly late, rock the house, woo hoo, party crazy, oh wait! i missed the whole part in the middle where we decided to go to plato's for midnight snackage. i like that diner better when there's no one there, and when you get good service, which by some AMAZING happenstance, we managed to have this time. it was me and jack, pete, michelle, and sera. i was very glad to be hanging out with them. i think that is the characterization of my entire weekend; very glad to be with the people i got to spend alot of time with. almost to a sentimental, sticky point. because, well, i'm a sappy person. i have come to recognize that i am such more than most people. sometimes i wonder if i could be inside other people's heads, if it wouldn't be either frighteningly familiar, as in i'm more just like everyone else than i think i am, or if it would just be so alien it would trash my entire worldview. either way, i'll never know.

i should keep going. because for some reason i'm obsessed with getting down all the details so i can remember them a year from now. which also reminds me i need to archive this journal so that all this isn't for naught. so sunday. woke up and grudgingly took jack back home to rockville. expressed sadness at the demise of the chili-cheese burrito from taco bell. called geniealisa to whine. ended up getting the whole genie story, cheering me up! i even got to hear the voice of geniemom in the background, which brings back lots of warm fuzzies. bought workout clothes at target. bought a cheesecake to take to tiff's. went to tiff's and had EXCELLENT spaghetti with meatballs and a pleasant dinner conversation. also was showed neverwinter nights... i'm tempted. after dinner and dessert, started to feel kind of comatose. went home to take a nap. failed to take nap; played with cat, read citypaper, listened to music. got cut-off notice from BGE. pouted about that. came to work.

ok, this is getting seriously disjointed. i'm just recounting facts in a not entertaining manner. i think the caffeine is shortening my attention span. today when i get off work (which had better be mercifully soon) i have to pay my electric bill, heh, and then do laundry. and sleep, please, let me get some sleep. i've left out all sorts of qualitative observations i have about the events of what i'm affectionately calling my "summer vacation". sad. but i'd better just... go.
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