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right, so anyways...

I just got to go to the 7-11 despite working alone tonight. It was eerily soundless on the arlington streets. The 7-11 guy always smells so, so bad. I got coffee and Tums. I think I'm becoming addicted to caffeine. But I was falling asleep, and you have to do what you have to do. So where was I...

... friday I had to get up early. I can't complain, because hey, what would the kitties in the SPCA do if I didn't show up? I had to borrow Jack's car, which was I confess, awesome and so much easier to drive. I do kind of wish I had an automatic in reserve for those days when I'm feeling especially lazy. So, I showed up to the SPCA, to which they haven't given me the door code. I couldn't get in. I could hear people in there, but they couldn't hear me knocking. Eventually someone came and let me in, but they were already almost done. We had to pill the ringworm kitty, and I felt bad about that being really the only contact we had with her. I'm confident she doesn't get a whole lot of love. Hopefully she'll be well soon. So, I only had to spend about an hour there, then I had to hit the bank and get a money order for the rent. I drove all over the place. I stopped back in Rockville at this place I had had an amazing turkey and swiss sanwich on a croissant; this time it was totally non-exceptional. A disappointment, but of the most mundane and ignorable kind, thank goodness. Then I took a short nap. I had gotten, maybe, possibly, 4 hours of sleep even after the nap. I have no idea how, then, I ended up staying up until 4am saturday morning, but it happened.

I spent the time in between napping and actually sleeping for the most part with msteleute and the Eidsnesses. Their hospitality was extremely generous and I had a really really nice time. Dinner was home-made and extremely good, I am very grateful. We then watched Series 7, which I can't say that I recommend, but was certainly a nice change of pace in terms of movies. There was one critical point about the entire plot that kind of ruined it for me. The movie is essentially a "season" of "episodes" of a reality TV show wherein the 5 contestants have to kill each other until there is only one left. I would have found it MUCH more interesting if these fiction people were supposed to have volnteered for the honor. The movie makes it out that they're chosen at random by the government. It's unsubtle and audacious, so if that's your bag, give it a rental. We stumbled, after finishing that movie and some ice cream, Sid and Nancy. It was depressing, but strangely less so to me than Requiem for a Dream was. I even found the toe sucking moment a little exciting, and I HATE toe sucking.

I also bought some real honest-to-god professional bleaching stuff for my hair. Pam was going to help me, but I think we both were just too, too tired. I am amazed I was awake as long as I was. There were compelling reasons, though. Sigh... I gotta go pay attention to some Netcool or something. I guess it's good I'm breaking up this ridiculously long entry. I hope no one deletes me off their friends list for writing too much.
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