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my memory sucks, dude

I've been sitting here trying to piece together my weekend to be able to journalize it. I think I may have succeeded, from taking notes on paper. So, I'll go back to where I left off for myself...

... so wednesday night I came back from the concert; I was up until about 3am... hoping. as it turned out, I was so exhausted that it would not have mattered what my opportunities were at that point, I would have been sleeping. So it worked out fine. I woke up on thursday about 30 seconds before the phone rang - I had forgotten to unplug it like I usually do. It was my mom. I chatted with her about various things; my dad is unimpressed with the idea of a tattoo. Mom said something about how she was just thinking about how it was nice I hadn't screwed up my skin that way. Well, just wait, I say... I reminded them that there are alot worse things I could do! I got off the phone with them and called Jack, and we prepped for the cookout. It was again, one of those fabulously refreshing mornings where I had slept at night like a normal person and was feeling just wonderful. I mean, not to mention it was only the second day of my four day weekend... at any rate, we finally meandered over about 2pm as expected, hamburgers and beer in hand.

I'll insert now that it seems clear that I have somehow magically upped my tolerance. I had like, 4 beers at the party and all I got was a nice buzz. What a relief! For the past 2 years I've been victim to the feeling that after 2 beers I will be telling people "I love you, man.". Hopefully I've completed that phase. Moving on... I got to play some bocce, which I sucked at, but was fun anyways... jwiv had some fun with his new camera so there's a picture of me holding some fine red bocce balls. Of course, I think that I look fat but I'm thinking that they aren't lying about cameras putting 10 pounds on you, or whatever. It's a lame insecurity and that's all I'll say about it, because other than that I felt fabulous (looking) all weekend.

Let's see, we watched some of the Law and Order marathon, although I didn't feel like concentrating on a TV show when there was socializing to do. At one point, though, I did come up the stairs and Jack was like, you'd better go back down. Of course, my curiosity was piqued. It turned out that he and malkin and a few others were having a heated debate about episode 178, "Damaged", in which a teenage girl with the mentality of a 10-year-old is gang raped by 3 of her peers, but whether she was raped is thrown into question, as well as the boys' responsibility for understanding her condition. Not the lightest conversational fare for a party, but interesting nonetheless.

At some point we decided it was time to head over to casa de professorbooty for a smaller indoor gathering. More beer was had, I met some new people, and got to see some old people too. Noah, whom I have met on several occasions, was there, and I got to talk some about my imminent motorcycle class, probably totally boring everyone else around us. Apples to Apples expansion set 3 was played and Erasure was listened to. Yes, I ended that sentence on a preposition. Suck it up!!

I have to pay attention to some work. I'll be back later to finish documenting.
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